It sure has been a long time

I have not been on here since 2013, I believe.

There is lots that has happened in my life since then, but I will not bore you with those things gone.

I would like to first off thank God for being such an Awesome, Almighty, Loving, and Forgiving God.  Without him, I would be nothing.

What I have been up to is crocheting.  I love crocheting dolls, stuffed animals, and little critters.  I actually won editors choice twice on a crochet online site, I belong to.  That was exciting.

I have also started beading.  I do like to head bracelets, have not gotten that into necklaces or earrings, though, I have seen some that catch my eye.

I was invited to go to a woman’s summer get together, I very seldom go any where, just have made myself a big homebody.  So…, I decided to go to this get together.  Almost did not, tried to talk myself out of it all the way up until I got in the car and went.  Honestly, I did.

Let me tell you, I am so glad that I went.

It was a Christian based get together, I knew that, the invitation came from my Sunday School teacher, and it plainly stated on the flyer that it was.

When I get there, there are other ladies from my church, which by the way, is the best church you would ever want to be a part of, if you do not believe me, come visit, you will see for yourself.

So Kelly’s front door kept opening, more women were coming in, mingling, lots and lots of chairs were set up in her living room, there lots of yummy finger foods on the table.

At about 7:00-7:15,(the invitation said 7:00), Kelly told us to get our drinks and food and to take a seat, so we did.

She gets up and asks us to introduce ourselves and to tell a little about ourselves, and why we were there.  I remember, this one lady, I  cannot remember her exact words, but something about, she got this flyer, and it mention God on it, and she had to come to see if this lady was gutsy or this lady was plum crazy.

Kelly, my Sunday School teacher did not know half the ladies there.  (must have been about 25-30 ladies there).  She had the same flyer invitation she gave at our church, and she had gone around her neighborhood, which she was new to, and stuck them on the mailboxes, held on by the mailbox flag.

How awesomely brave is that.  She wanted to start a Christian woman’s group, she prayed about it, and God led her to do this.

We had a guest speaker, who happens to be Kelly’s best friend.   She shared her testimony with us.  WOW!  What a testimony she has.

I am so glad that I went.  So we all said we wanted more.  This last Thursday night was our fourth meeting.  I missed the second because I had dental surgery.

The night that I missed they watched a video, Kelly let me know that I could go onto YouTube and watch it.  I did, it was awesome, I asked my husband, Dwayne, if he would watch it, he said yes, so we watched it together.

I challenged all my Facebook friends to watch it and share it on there pages, because, I really think it is worth sharing.  It is a true story.

Go to YouTube and type in Fruitcake and Ice Cream by Loui Giglio, watch it.  I watched the long version.  It is maybe 53 minutes.  Worth it.

I can not wait until the next meeting.  We are going to hear another Testimony of how God has changed someone’s life.

I am so thankful that Kelly wanted to start this group, spending time with these women, getting to know them, knowing that they love the Lord the same as I do, making new Christian friends, what a great idea.  Kelly is not crazy, gutsy yes, but I am glad she is, and so are the other ladies that keep coming back every other Thursday night at 7:00.  If you live in the area, and want to come, let me know, and I will help you get there.   It is like visiting my church, you will not be sorry.

So that is my blog for today, I am going to try to be here, every Monday and share with you how my week was, maybe some recipes, some scripture.

I hope I did not bore you too much.

God bless each of you and your family.


Monday, Monday

Hey hey, it has been a long time since my last post.

So much has happened.  I had surgery on my left rotary cuff, more extensive as they first anticipated.  Two months in and I am still in lots of pain, they keep saying that it is because of all the mess they had to repair in there.

Physical therapy is very intense, and on those days, I REALLY wished someone would cut my arm off.

I am crocheting a Lodge Sweater, first time I have crocheted this year.  I have been tatting, so last night I started this crocheted sweater, and I kept tatting instead, how funny is that, not, when you are trying to start a sweater.  I finally got the hang of it and am half finished with the left front side.

I have joined a TIAS, for those of you who don’t tat, it is a Tat it and see.  We are given parts of a tatted piece to do every day, once a week or whatever.  We tat what is given to us, we can make guesses if we want as to what it is, or just wait and see.  I am doing mine in Orange, sure hope it isn’t a dog or something, because this is Halloween Orange!!!

Now that I can somwhat use my left arm, i am going to try and keep up my blog.  I have to figure out how to make pictures smaller, and I will be posting picture of my different crafts that I make.  There are lots, old and new.  I hope you enjoy whatever I put in front of your eyes.

For now I am going to finish today off with a Quote, and a Bible Scripture.

“Sometimes when we are over welmed we forget HOW BIG GOD IS”  A.W. Tozer

Proverbs 16:2  Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plan.

Please do not forget how big God is, He is wonderful and marvelous, and He will not give you more than you can handle, and if He does, He will help you with the burden.

I pray that each of you will have a blessed day, and that you will enjoy whatever it is yoy chose to do today.

Blessings from me to you,



Monday Morning…,Mommas and Papas

Joshua 1:9  Be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
To me that is a very comforting scripture.  I suffer from depression and when I get depressed I will pull out my hope and love box, and pick out a scripture and read it and try to meditate on that scripture and how I can place that in my life and it always makes me feel  comforted.
The weekend was pretty uneventful, it rained most of the weekend, so we stayed in and just relaxed, watch movies.  I tatted some.  Finished one of my three projects, and started another, so I still have three in the workings.
Monday Monday, So good to me, ba-da-ba-da-da,   Monday Mornin, it was all I hoped it’d be ,ba-da-ba-da-da.
I can’t get that song out of my head now that I chose that to be my Heading for today’s blog.  Brings back lots of memories.
I can’t wait to learn how to put pictures up, then I could fill the blog with stories and pictures to go with it.
I have already got my casserole ready for tonight’s dinner.  I am making Mexican enchilada casserole.  it is very good.  Main dish taken care of, then we need to think of what to with it.

I made chicken taquitoes for dinner on Friday night.  I got that recipe from my daughter Sara, she has actually turned into a pretty good cook.  She has been married now for three years.  She graduated college, and got married the very next day.  She has the most wonderful husband, almost as good as mine, but not quite.  My son-in-law Andrew is so kind and gentle.
Funny story.  Dwayne and myself drove to Richmond, Virginia one weekend where Sara attended VCU.  We went so that I could cook dinner for her Young Christian group that she attended.  It was called RUF.
That was the first time that I met Andrew.  The other fellow that was interested in Sara, was there as well.  There were in all probably 10-12 people there, plus the pastor of RUF and one of his daughters.
Back to the story…,  This other fellow was kind of wishy washy, he could not make up his mind if he wanted to be a boyfriend or not.  He seemed kind of stuck on himself, not very friendly at all.  Did not leave a good impression, ( I guess you can tell).  Then there was Andrew, (sigh), naw, He was sitting on the opposite side of the room than Sara, and this other fellow.  Anyway, Andrew was talkative, very attentive when someone spoke, and he had the softest looking face.
Very long story short, we left that night, headed back to Norfolk, Virginia.  No sooner than we left Richmond, I called Sara and told her that I really like Andrew and that she should take a look at him.  A month or so later, Sara and Andrew started dating,  a whole other story in itself as how that began.
So Sara and Andrew come to Norfolk one weekend, she wanted to show Andrew where she lived, where she went to school Yada-yada-yada.  I could not help myself, just had to ask and probably almost scared him off.  I asked him if I could touch his face just to see if it was as soft as it looked.  His eyes kinda got big, his head kinda pulled back a bit, and he said, “I don’t think so,no.” At the same time from somewhere behind somewhere, Sara was yelling, “MOMMA!!!!!!”
I didn’t see anything wrong with that, but obviously from their reaction, there was something wrong with it.  I am just glad that I didn’t scare him off.  I could never ask for a better match for Sara than Andrew.
The last we went to Richmond before we moved to Macon, Georgia, Andrew asked Dwayne if he could have Sara’s hand in marriage. ( SIGH, for real that time).  That was so sweet, and he was so nervous.  Andrew’s parents were there,as well, so he was doubly nervous I am sure.
We got ready to leave that evening, and they walked us out to the car.  That was gonna be a hard goodbye.  It WAS a hard goodbye.
So when it was time to really hug for that last time, I walked over to Andrew, and said,” Well since you have popped the question, can I touch your face now to see how soft it is?  He allowed me to, and it is as soft as it looks.  He is a very handsome young man.  I love you Andrew.
With that, I am going to end my blog for today.  Now I am going to go tat some.
I pray that this Monday Monday, will be good to you all, and that it will be all that you hoped it would be.
Blessings from me, to you.


Good morning readers,

Hubby is off to work, chores are almost done, just need to do the remaining load of laundry.

In ourselves we are nothing, our own righteousness is like filthy rags or a polluted garment.  (Isaiah 64:6).  But in Christ we have a future worth looking forward to.  The term ‘in Christ’ very simply stated means that we have placed faith in Him concerning every aspect of our life.  We are in Covenant with Almighty God.  What an awesome thought.

I am so glad today is Friday, Dwayne is off for two days, no big plans, just like having him around.  He is retired Navy, he was away from home a lot, the other wives would tell me that I would get to the point where I would be wishing him out to sea.  Never did.  I begged him to let me break his leg, one or both, didn’t matter to me, he could not go if he had a broken leg, couldn’t climb the stairs in the ship.  I cried every time.  Even now after 30 years, 29 married, I still don’t like to be without him.

Hey! got my tatting book in Wednesday, Tatted Treasures, WOW!  I told you on Wednesday that I have two pieces that I am tatting on already, now…, I have three.  Could not help myself.  I fell in love with the whole book.  I want to teach Dwayne to tat, then we could get twice as much tatted out.

I taught him to cross stitch when we were stationed in Philadelphia.  I had been tatting for years.  We went out to this little cross stitch store in a little town.  I can not remember the name of the town, maybe Reading, anyway the name of the shop was the Strawberry Sampler.  

They had a sign up saying that they needed stitchers, so I asked about it.  I had to bring a few samples of my work, and then they would make a determination.  I went back about a week later with my samples, and this lady told me I was not cross stitching properly. 😦  What?…., how dare she.  My picture looked the same on the back as it did on the front.  ‘I’ thought that was cool.  I was wrong, and I was wasting thread by doing it that way.

I did get the job, BUT I had to do it the proper way.  I did not get paid money, I got paid in merchandise from this store.  which did not bother me, they had everything you could imagine in that store.  Plus, I got to keep all the patterns I stitched.  They would have kits made up of what they wanted their stitchers to stitch and we would just go and pick as many kits as we wanted, log them in, go home stitch them and bring them back.

So, when Dwayne got home that day, I told him that I had taught him the wrong way to stitch, and that I needed to show him, the proper way.  GUESS WHAT?????  He was doing it the way she says is the proper way.  Now how did that happen????  Whatever!!!!!!!, so I began stitching for the Strawberry Sampler.  A day or two after I started, Dwayne says that he would like to help me on his time off, (evenings), so I said o.k.  

Here I go back the next two weeks to turn in my finished kits, and pick up more.  I was having a blast doing something that I really enjoyed doing.  So, I guess about a month went by, and again we go out, to swap finished for new kits, and to cash in my points for merchandise.  

I was looking around, when all of a sudden, Dwayne comes up behind me all excited, one of his pictures he had cross stitched was framed, and displayed on one of the walls.  Then we HAD to go all around the shop looking at the pictures.  He had three or four of his work displayed.  I had NONE. 😦  😦

To this day, he still brings that up every so often.  

Next time, we went back, my pictures were also displayed.

I have so many funny stories to tell, Ya’ll can’t miss my blog, or you won’t find out my secrets. Some of you have known me for years, and will be totally surprised at how, ( I won’t say stupid), I will say gullible that I am. 

I made an Impossible coconut pie today.  It is an awesome pie.  I have made them for years, I saw one on Facebook yesterday, I shared it on my wall, and told how good, it was.  A good friend of mine took me at my word, and made one, told me how well she liked it, so I had to make one today.  Except, I make mine with Splenda.  I can’t eat sugar.  It is still just as good. Here is the recipe:

Impossible Coconut Pie

Preheat oven to 350 degree

4 eggs, well beaten                        1/2 stick butter, or margarine, melted
1 3/4 cup sugar                              1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring
2 cups milk                                      A pinch of salt
7 oz. Coconut
1/2 cup self rising flour

This pie makes it’s own crust, so you just need a pie pan.

Everything goes in the blender, starting with the liquids.  Blend for about 2  minutes.  Spray pie pan with Pam, or whatever cooking spray you use.  Hit the blender button for another few seconds.  Pour into the pie pan.  Cook for 35  minutes or until it is golden brown on top. Serve warm or cold.  Cold, it is good with cool whip.

If you make it, You will not be sorry, and you can’t mess it up.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please let me hear your feedback if you do make it.

Until next time, love the one you are with or get away from them.

Blessings to you from me,




Another day of my ramblings,

Good morning everyone, Luke 12:31   Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and He will give you everything you need.

Had a doctor’s appointment this morning, that is why I am late today, getting to my blog. Maybe after the Holiday weekend is over, I can get on a better schedule with my blogging, and when I get the hang of posting pictures, things might get more interesting for you.

So, my primary care doctor ok’d me for the surgery, next is sign consent papers, then wait for D-Day.  😦

When I exercise, I wear all black, it is like a funeral for my fat.  Cha Ching. ( Isn’t that the sound a comedian makes when he tells a joke???)  Hahahahaha

Today is a rainy day in Georgia, after my doctor’s appointment, I went to Michael’s my daughter Christi works there, I was gonna surprise her, but she surprised me and got off early she wasn’t feel good, but while I was in Michael’s, my baby daughter, Sara, called so we went shopping together.  We went from Michael’s to the Goodwill library. I was looking for old tatting books, none there. Shucky derns!!!! 😦

So then I went into the Main part of the store, they always have neat things in the goodwill store.  I love angels, rooster’s and teddy bears, they did not have any of them. So I just walked round and round, talking with Sara, telling her how cute this was and was, she was telling me about her day. She and I always went shopping together when we lived in Norfolk, Virginia, then I moved to Macon, and she now lives in Richmond, Virginia, she and I only shop together via cellphone. I miss her soooo much.

Sara was here in May for a brief visit, (always too brief), I taught her how to needle tat. she tried the shuttle, gave up on that, so I taught her the basics of needle tatting, and when she left, she was already on the third or fourth round of a doily.

I am currently working on two tatting project. Both are doilies. I have so many projects that I want to tat, and I want to do them all NOW, but I just have to take it as I can get it done.

I wished that I knew someone else in Macon, that I could tat with. My friend, Barbara, she works at my doctor;s office she is the one that actually got me into tatting. She shuttle tats. She still says she is gonna get me on the shuttle. She is into all kinds of crafts like most crafty people are.

I have been to her home, and looked through some of her books, actually bought a couple from her that she had duplicates of. She has her grandmother’s shuttles, and some of the pieces that she had done, she also has some of her husbands either his mother’s or his Grandmother’s shuttles. it was so neat, she was showing me that she had been working on a pair of baby booties, and she had to have rotor cuff surgery, so she just stopped. Then she was showing me some of her grandmother’s old pieces, and low and behold, wrapped in tissue paper, there was a baby booties that her grandmother had been working on, and she stopped in exactly the same spot as Barbara, AND it was the same pattern. That was SPECIAL. I actually teared up.   Barbara had never realized that until that moment. That was awesome. I am glad I was there to share that moment with her.

Well, that about does it for today. I hope you all have a safe 4th of July celebration, I am excited, because my honey will be home.


Play fair,

Shoot for the moon,

Jump for joy,

Count your blessings,


Dance in the rain,

Sing silly songs,

Make new friends, and….,

Tat something Pretty.

Blessings from me to you,


Good afternoon, Everyone,

Isaiah 40:31  But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.  They will soar high on wings like eagles.  They will run and not grow weary.  They will walk and not faint.

I have been working on this post all morning, my computer keeps crashing!?!?!

The cats have been terrors this morning, they have been acting like the kitchen, dinning room, and the living room is a NASCAR race track.  Sometimes, I believe they think they are ferrets, they are so sneaking and mischievous!  If I turn my back for too long, or walk out of the room for a few minutes, they will steal anything they can run with, and take it to their room.  I am still missing a pair of reading glasses, and they were in a case. 

I have even come back into the room to see my tatting thread strung toward their room, on a couple of occasions, at the end of the thread, I find that they have chewed my piece from the thread, and I have to begin all over. ggggggggrrrrrrrrr!  Gotta love them. 🙂

I still have not figured out how to add pictures to my posts, I would like to share some of my projects that I have made, in my different interests, and I would like to share some recipes, but I really would like to add pictures to go with them.

I joined a tatting exchange through the online tatting guild, I belong to, I am so excited.  For those of you that do not know how to tat, YET, an exchange is when your name is given to another person, that entered the exchange as well, you fill out a short questionnaire that you are given, about your likes, colors, hobbies, favorite TV shows….,  your name is given to the person who’s name you were given.  From the personal information that you are given about the person, you put together a gift box of items that you want that person to have.  There has to be at least some items pertaining to tatting included.  This is the first exchange I have ever entered into.  Keep in mind, this is an online tatting guild.  There are ladies and men from all over the world that are members of this guild.  I’d say that most of the members have never met one another.

My person, is Natalie, she lives in Washington State, that is a long way away from Macon, Georgia. See why I am so excited, doesn’t it sound exciting?????  

We have until August 2nd to get our packages in the mail.  I am working hard to get my things together.  I want to get it all together before my surgery, if I don’t there is no telling what Dwayne would put in there, if I didn’t feel like finishing what I have already got together to send.  NASCAR stuff !!!!! 😦

Well, I hope that intrigues some of you, if you are not tatters, to want to become a tatter.

This guild is amazing, so much help if you need help.  We have new members joining everyday, and it is free.  Some of the new members have been tatting for years, months, weeks, even some just days, so, you don’t have to know all there is to know to get there.

Go to Pinterest, search tatting, and just look at all the Eye Candy there.  I’ll bet there are some of you that will take the bait.  I hope so!

O.K., I guess my ramblings has come to an end for today.

I pray that each of you have a wonderful day, tell the ones you love that you love them, don’t just let them assume it.  We never know, what tomorrow or even today will bring.  If you are close enough to them, tell them AND hug them.

Blessings from me to you,